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  • Upper eyelid lift
    With us your face is in good hands

    Upper eyelid lift

Upper eyelid tightening

With us your face is in good hands

Over the years, the upper eyelids can sag, sink and make us look older than we actually are. Drooping upper eyelids can become noticeable at an early age. The skin in the area of the upper eyelids loses its elasticity, which often leads to the formation of drooping eyelids and a tired facial expression with increasing age.

But don’t worry – you don’t have to put up with it! An upper eyelid lift can solve the problem and your face will look younger and fresher again.

In the area of the eyes, upper eyelid lifting is one of the most frequently performed routine procedures. Nevertheless, you should only ever entrust yourself to an experienced specialist in an appropriately renowned clinic or specialist practice. The operation usually takes less than an hour, is performed under local anesthesia and does not require in-patient treatment. If not only drooping eyelids but also tear sacs have formed, upper eyelid correction can be combined with lower eyelid lifting if required.

We will happily advise you on your individual options. Simply arrange a non-binding consultation in our specialist practice for facial surgery in Berlin Mitte.

How is an upper eyelid lift performed?

How is an upper eyelid lift performed? - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich Berlin Mitte

As a person gets older, the elasticity of the eyelid muscles diminishes naturally. But not only the natural aging process and genetic predispositions are responsible for changes in the eye area, other factors such as lack of sleep, smoking and a generally unhealthy lifestyle also lead to sinking and swollen eyelids. Fat deposits can increase the effect. From the sagging tissue and excess skin, so-called drooping eyelids can develop and the affected person looks as if he or she is always tired.

During upper eyelid lifting, excess skin and fatty tissue on the upper eyelids is removed and the muscles of the upper eyelids are tightened. To ensure that the operation leaves no visible traces, the surgeon makes the necessary incisions exactly in the crease of the eyelid to ensure a virtually invisible scar. After just a few weeks, it is no longer possible to tell that an operation has taken place.

Normally, the operation is performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia. If desired, we can also perform the operation in twilight sleep. The average duration of the operation is 45-60 minutes. In the first hours after the operation you should rest and avoid any physical activity. In order to ensure a quick healing, bending down and heavy carrying is especially discouraged for some time. As long as the stitches are not removed, it is essential not to use make-up. Until the final completion of the treatment, you will receive intensive and professional care from our practice team in Berlin Mitte.

What are the advantages of eyelid correction?

Upper eyelid lifting for cosmetic reasons
If the affected person has a tired facial expression, the drooping eyelids usually appear even more clearly and often represent a stressful aesthetic problem for the affected person. The affected persons also often appear to be much older than they actually are. An upper eyelid correction effectively corrects the tired facial expression and makes you look younger and more alert again.

Upper lid tightening for functional reasons
In addition to cosmetic reasons, there are often functional reasons for an operation. If the drooping eyelids are particularly pronounced, they can reduce the field of vision and thus impair vision and sometimes cause headaches. In these cases there is a medical indication for upper eyelid lifting.

Overview of the advantages of an upper eyelid lift in our practice in Berlin Mitte:

  • An eyelid lift is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.
  • The upper eyelid correction is a low-complication operation that is performed safely and gently.
  • Depending on the shape of the drooping eyelids, the field of vision is significantly increased by the upper eyelid lift.
  • The expressiveness and radiance of your eyes will be enhanced by upper eyelid correction and you will appear much more alert again.
  • With an upper eyelid lift, possible asymmetries between the eyes can be eliminated and the patient regains an even eye shape.
  • An upper eyelid lift should only be performed by an experienced surgeon.

What are the risks of upper eyelid correction?

In principle, every operation is associated with certain risks – ranging from the side effects of anaesthesia to possible wound healing disorders. Our long-standing practice and surgery team reduces these risks to a minimum. This also includes the use of the latest surgical techniques and materials. After the operation, our practice team remains in close contact with you, monitors wound healing and provides tips and information on professional aftercare.

Am I eligible for upper eyelid correction?

You should always consider a tightening of the upper eyelids if the drooping eyelids restrict your field of vision (medical reason) or if you consider them to be a stressful, aesthetic disadvantage for you. There is no specific age limit for the procedure – however, sufficient excess tissue must be present in order to be able to perform a tightening procedure at all. If you suffer from an acute eye disease, such as increased intraocular pressure, the procedure is unfortunately not an option for you. In the case of thyroid diseases and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, a detailed medical examination must be carried out before the operation can be performed. In principle, the physical condition of the patient can have a great influence on the healing process and thus on the outcome of the operation.

Am I eligible for upper eyelid correction? - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich Berlin Mitte

What are the costs for an upper eyelid lift?

Apart from the aforementioned medical exceptions, upper eyelid liftings are often regarded as operations that are not medically necessary and the costs are therefore usually not covered by the health insurance companies. The costs for the operation cannot be fixed at a flat rate. They depend on the individual starting position and the shape of your drooping eyelids. During a first consultation, I therefore take a close look at your eyes and examine them in detail. I will explain the necessary steps to you, describe the expected result and provide you with a corresponding cost estimate.

How do I find the right doctor for an upper eyelid correction in Berlin Mitte?

Your face is an expression of your personality and the upper eyelid lift is a cosmetic surgery in which the aesthetic result plays an important role. Although this is a routine operation, its success depends largely on the experience of the surgeon performing the operation. In addition, you should only go to a clinic or specialist practice that uses the latest medical methods and standards and state-of-the-art technical equipment.

Your face is in good hands with us. The combination of many years of professional experience, regular advanced training, state-of-the-art surgical methods and equipment creates ideal conditions for your upper eyelid correction to proceed without complications and produce the desired result.

An overview of the most important facts about upper eyelid lifting:

Duration of operation: 1-2 hours
Anaesthesia: twilight sleep, general anaesthesia
Ability to work: after 5-7 days
Wound healing: 7-10 days
Costs: from 2.000,00 EUR (depending on findings)

It is best to arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with my practice team in Berlin-Mitte. I will be happy to take time for you personally and answer all your questions about upper eyelid correction and eyelid lifting in detail. Of course I will also inform you about costs, operation procedures and possible risks so that you know exactly what to expect when making your decision.


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