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  • PRF method - autologous blood therapy
    Dental surgery

    PRF method

PRF method

For the PRF procedure, a small amount of blood is taken, which is centrifuged in order to very specifically filter out the blood’s growth factors, which are important for wound healing, in a highly concentrated form. In surgical procedures, the growth factors naturally help to support and accelerate wound healing. For you as a patient, this means faster recovery and less pain after surgery.

The advantages of the PRF method

  • Better an faster wound healing
  • Less pain and swelling after surgical procedures
  • Greatly reduced risk of inflammation and therefore fewer wound infections
  • Rapid regeneration when a tooth is extracted or implanted

Autologous blood therapy in our practice

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    This procedure is used in our practice for various treatments.

    For example, we use autologous blood therapy in the course of bone augmentation and implantology. But you can also benefit from PRF treatment after the removal of teeth by supporting the natural healing process and accelerating the formation of new jaw bone.

    The effectiveness of PRF therapy is also proven in other treatments.

    The effectiveness of the PRF method has been proven by well over 100 scientific studies and publications.

    PRF method

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