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    Removal of birthmarks / Skin tumours / Scar corrections

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Skin surgery & Scar treatment

Removal of birthmarks / Skin tumours / Scar corrections

Removal of birthmarks / Skin Surgery - Berlin-Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Surgical removal of birthmarks, skin tumours (skin cancer) and scar corrections with lasting aesthetic claim.

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon specialising in plastic surgery, I offer the surgical removal of benign and malignant skin tumors.

In the aesthetically complex facial area it is absolutely necessary to rely on a specialist and his experience. Any noticeable changes in the facial skin, such as a birthmark (nevus), as well as other changes caused by sunlight (white skin cancer or basal cell carcinoma) should be removed and examined by a specialist. Close cooperation with colleagues from dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology and pathology is required.

Skin tumours - Berlin-Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich
Skin tumours - Berlin Mitte Praxis Dr. med. Sven Heinrich
Scar corrections - Berlin Mitte Praxis Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Removal of skin tumours and scar corrections

The removal of the skin tumour takes place in a short procedure, mainly under local anaesthesia, if desired also under other forms of anaesthesia.

In order to ensure that the change has been removed in its entirety, in some cases an operation in two stages must be performed. This means that the skin tumour is removed and sent to the tissue doctor (pathologist). The open area is then temporarily closed and restored after the fine tissue examination (approx. 4-5 days). It is precisely through this procedure that it is possible to plan and carry out an optimal functional and aesthetically-satisfactory reconstruction.

Scar corrections are also offered in our practice: Depending on the extent and structure of the scar, the appropriate treatment for the patient is found in order to achieve a lasting and aesthetically pleasing result. Would you like a personal consultation? Our practice team will be happy to discuss your concerns in detail with you.


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