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  • Facial surgery Berlin-Mitte - Dr. Sven Heinrich
    Skin surgery / eyelid tightening / wrinkle correction
    (Aesthetics & Reconstruction)

    Facial plastic surgery

    Maxillofacial | Facial Plastic Surgery

  • Vita - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich
    Dr. med. Sven Heinrich


  • Bone augmentation Berlin-Mitte - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich
    Bone augmentation for dental implants

    Bone augmentation

    Maxillofacial | Facial Plastic Surgery

  • 3D implant planning  - Navigated Implantology Berlin-Mitte - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich
    Modern technology for safe and precise dental implants

    3D implant planning

    Maxillofacial | Facial Plastic Surgery

  • Implantology Berlin-Mitte - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich
    Dental implants – close gaps with high quality dental implants


    Maxillofacial | Facial Plastic Surgery

  • False Bite Corrections Berlin-Mitte - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich Dysgnathiebehandlung
    False Bite- and Chin Corrections


    Maxillofacial | Facial Plastic Surgery

  • Maxillofacial surgery Berlin-Mitte - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich
    Anesthesia / Wisdom Teeth / Root Tip Resections

    Maxillofacial surgery

    Maxillofacial | Facial Plastic Surgery

  • X-Ray diagnostics Berlin-Mitte - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich
    2D / 3D X-ray diagnostics and facial scan in maxillofacial surgery

    X-Ray diagnostics

    Maxillofacial | Facial Plastic Surgery

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Maxillofacial | Facial Plastic Surgery

Main activity implantology | Plastic and aesthetic operations

Welcome to the specialist practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery, as well as implantology in Berlin Mitte.

We would be pleased to be your personal contact for all questions concerning our specialist areas. Your face is the expression of your personality. With our expertise and our passion for people and medicine, we see ourselves as a competent partner who can implement your wishes and ideas with sensitivity, skill and pleasure.

Personal consultation with you, detailed diagnostics, modern and well-founded treatment and therapy planning, as well as complete aftercare, are central components of our treatment concepts.

Our special focus is on implantology and bone augmentation. In all treatments we follow the latest medical findings and exclusively use modern diagnostic procedures. Through 3D scanning and planning, we make implantation results predictable and create the basis for gentle treatments. We use surgical methods that are minimally invasive and effective. We also carry out immediate implantations, if conditions permit. We use navigated and regenerative implantology methods and work gently on soft tissue.

The combination of many years of professional experience, regular advanced training, state-of-the-art surgical methods and equipment creates the ideal conditions for your treatment to proceed without complications and produce the desired result, because the well-being of our patients is our top priority.

Plastic & Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Individual consultation for your face.

Many patients contact the plastic facial surgeon when they look in the mirror and their youthful personality does not match their mirror image, or their perceived appearance. Some people then wish for long-lasting rejuvenation. There are many factors that can influence aging in addition to the natural aging process, be it stress, sun, diet, nicotine or alcohol.

From the age of 35 the skin tension in the face and neck area decreases significantly. While the formation of wrinkles and the reduction in volume can still be corrected by Botox and filler and influenced for a certain period of time, sagging parts of the face and neck can no longer be corrected by this method. A tightening of these facial areas can bring a clearly rejuvenated and lasting result.

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False Bite Corrections

When does a dysgnathia need to be treated?

False Bite Corrections - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich Berlin Mitte

Congenital dysgnathia: In our practice in Berlin, Germany, patients with congenital malocclusions due to genetic predispositions often present themselves. Such dysgnathies often develop in the course of the physical growth phase before puberty, due to disorders of jaw growth. As a result of this maldevelopment, the jaws meet incorrectly or the jaws are located incorrectly in the skull itself. In this case we speak of a skeletal dysgnathia. If, on the other hand, it is a pure malposition of the teeth, it is a dental dysgnathia. Acquired dysgnathia: In addition to the disorders of jaw growth, there are a number of other reasons that can lead to a malposition of the jaw. By an acquired dysgnathia we mean malocclusions caused by habits or external influences.

Malpositions, which are mainly limited to the area of the teeth, can usually be treated in the form of orthodontic therapy. If, on the other hand, the jaw itself is involved, only an operative, maxillofacial adjustment procedure should be considered. We will be happy to advise you on the dysgnathy therapy options available in our practice and look forward to hearing from you.

Chin corrections

An attractive chin by an expert hand

The shape of the chin significantly influences the contours of our face and thus also our aesthetics.  A receding or strongly protruding chin can quickly cause the proportions of the face to appear inharmonious and can be a great strain for those affected. A chin correction can help here.

The purpose of chin correction is to give the face a harmonious overall appearance. Therefore the chin profile is adjusted by enlargement or reduction.

Chin correction (medical genioplasty) involves surgical procedures to reduce or enlarge the size of the chin. The indications for this procedure, which is usually performed on an outpatient basis, include both purely aesthetic and medical reasons.

Kinnkorrekturen - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich Berlin Mitte

Do you want a harmoniously shaped chin? In conversation we will find ways to transform your wishes and ideas into a beautiful, aesthetic and harmonious result. Make an appointment in our specialist practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Berlin Mitte and let us advise you in detail. Your practice team Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Maxillofacial surgery

Dental Surgery

Wisdom teeth and displaced teeth - Practice Dr. Sven Heinrich - Berlin Mitte

Wisdom teeth and displaced teeth

Not only problematic wisdom teeth but also other displaced teeth can be surgically removed. However, it is important that adjacent structures such as nerves are not injured. In rare cases, a digital volume tomography (DVT) must be performed to determine the exact position of the teeth and thus not to injure any neighboring structures.

Apicoectomy - Practice Dr. Sven Heinrich - Berlin Mitte


Inflammatory processes in the area of the root tips (granuloma, cyst) must sometimes be removed to save the tooth. The root tip is cut and the tooth root is filled retrograde (backwards). The special and particularly gentle preparation of the lower part of the root canal by means of ultrasound (piezo) and subsequent root filling can achieve a long-lasting result in the majority of cases.

Surgical Dental Restoration - Practice Dr. Sven Heinrich - Berlin Mitte

Surgical Dental Restoration

In the context of the focus search (inflamed teeth) or before planned indicated therapies such as radiation in the head and neck area, with implantation of heart valves, or beginning of a chemotherapy, surgical tooth restoration is indispensable to eliminate inflamed teeth and thus prevent late complications. I will be happy to discuss this topic with you by telephone.
Mouth | Maxillofacial | Facial Surgery - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich Berlin Mitte

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