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  • Tumor Surgery
    Removal of skin tumors and plastic-aesthetic reconstruction of the face

    Tumor Surgery

Tumor surgery

Surgical removal of benign or malignant skin tumors (skin cancer) with sustainable aesthetic demands.

Tumor surgery - tumor removal - Berlin-Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Tumor surgical and plastic-aesthetic reconstruction of the face

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon specializing in plastic surgery, I offer you the surgical removal of benign and malignant skin tumors. Especially in the aesthetically complex facial area, the patient should be able to rely on a specialist and his experience.

Conspicuous changes in the area of the facial skin, such as a benign tumor (birthmark (nevus)), as well as malignant skin tumors (black skin cancer or malignant melanoma, white skin cancer or basal cell carcinoma (basalioma) or squamous cell carcinoma) are unfortunately still increasing in frequency, the face is particularly often affected. The main cause is considered to be exposure to sunlight, which contributes to skin damage and tumor development.

With the surgical removal of the tumor a cure can be achieved in almost all cases. The surgical procedure is the first priority in all cases. This is the only way to ensure that, on the one hand, the type of tumor can be verified by the pathologist and, on the other hand, that the tumor can be removed in its entirety. The complete removal of the tumor is unavoidable and is the basis for an aesthetically demanding restoration of the resulting defect in the facial area. Our goal here is always the closure of the defect and the sustainable restoration (reconstruction) of the function and aesthetics of the facial structures that were impaired by the tumor surgery.

Unfortunately, the consequences of a tumor treatment on the face cannot always be eliminated without leaving traces. However, in most cases, our experience and modern techniques enable us to achieve a barely visible restoration of your face. Thus, we achieve a normal everyday life and enable the patient to enjoy an unrestricted quality of life after the tumor removal. You will often be referred to our plastic facial surgery practice by a specialist in general medicine, dermatology, ear, nose and throat medicine and ophthalmology. Close interdisciplinary cooperation with colleagues is necessary in order to participate in a sustainable care of tumor patients.

Skin surgery - remove Tunmore - Berlin-Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich
Tumor removal - Berlin Mitte Practice Dr. med. Sven Heinrich
Skin tumor removal - Berlin Mitte Practice Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Procedure for the removal of a skin tumor

The skin tumor is removed in a short procedure, primarily under local anesthesia, but other forms of anesthesia are available upon request.

The following steps must be taken into account for tumor removal:

  • Complete removal of the tumor
  • One-stage or multi-stage procedure
  • Selection of the optimal reconstruction procedure
  • Aftercare

Complete removal of the tumor

The most important step in tumor therapy is the complete removal of the tumor. The removed tissue is prepared and microscopically examined by a specialist in pathology (tissue specialist). This is the only way to verify the exact tumor type. Furthermore, the pathological findings are used to assess whether all incision margins have been made in healthy tissue and whether there is sufficient safety distance between the tumor and the healthy tissue. If this is not the case, a further tumor removal (resection) must be performed.

One-stage or multi-stage procedure

Depending on the size and type of tumor, in many cases the tumor can be completely removed with reliable certainty during the first operation and the defect can be restored immediately. In advanced cases, when the tumor is closely related to adjacent functional structures (e.g. eyelid) and the edges of the tumor are unclear, it may be necessary to wait for the pathologist’s exact tissue examination and to restore the defect in a second operation.

The reconstruction of a defect without prior complete removal of the tumor must not be done under any circumstances! The open area is temporarily closed for the time of the tissue examination (artificial skin) and restored after the fine tissue result (approx. 4-5 days). This procedure makes it possible to plan and carry out an optimal functional and aesthetically satisfactory reconstruction and to achieve a lasting satisfactory result.

Selection of the optimal reconstruction procedure

After a complete tumor removal, an individually optimal procedure must be selected for each patient depending on the size and location of the defect in order to close the wound as well as possible. The first step is to create the functional structures and to harmonize them with the aesthetic restoration. Our goal is to achieve the best possible result by applying the restoration technique that is customized for you.

The same solution does not necessarily make sense for every patient with the same defect. In addition to the defect size, interindividual differences in age and skin type also play a decisive role here.

With my many years of experience as a plastic-reconstructive facial surgeon, I am trained to find an individual and optimal solution for you. In my opinion, it is necessary to involve you as a patient in the decision-making process so that we can align our ideas of aesthetics and reconstruction. In this way we achieve a satisfactory, lasting and aesthetically pleasing result with which you as a patient are satisfied.


The healing process after your surgery varies depending on the extent of the surgery. It is therefore all the more important that we closely monitor the healing process until stable and satisfactory wound conditions are achieved.

Consistent aftercare and tumor prevention by colleagues in dermatology (dermatologist) is urgently needed. This not only allows the early detection of a possible reappearance of the tumor, which simplifies a possible treatment, but also makes it possible to recognize other conspicuous skin areas.

You should always pay attention to protection from UV light (sunscreen LF30+) and avoid direct sun exposure.

For regular tumor aftercare and early detection of skin tumors, your dermatologist (dermatologist) is the expert and right contact person and part of our expert network.

Would you like a personal consultation? Our practice team will be happy to discuss your request in detail.

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