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Earplasties  - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich - Berlin Mitte

The easy way to beautiful ears

Otopexy (ear pinning) describes the surgical correction of protruding ears or ears that are too large.

This procedure is an aesthetic intervention.

If children, adolescents or adults do not feel comfortable with their protruding ears or with the size or shape of their ears, an ear correction is recommended in order to reduce the psychological pressure. The statutory health insurance covers the costs for children up to the age of 14.

Reasons for an ear correction: Protruding ears are genetically determined.

The reason for the existing ear deformity lies in a congenital deformation of the ear cartilage. Sometimes there is also an asymmetrical development of individual cartilage parts. In principle, most patients undergoing earplasty are younger children. As a rule, the procedure is useful from an age of about five years. At this time, the auricle is fully developed. The procedure is recommended before the beginning of school age. In principle, however, the operation can be performed at any age.

Course of treatment

Protruding ears are usually a hereditary malformation of the cartilage. Corrective surgery therefore places equally high demands on both functionality and appearance. Before an ear correction, a detailed discussion with the treating specialist takes place, during which the methodical procedure and the expected result are discussed in detail. With the help of digital images, the condition before and after the operation is recorded so that the changes caused by the operation are precisely documented.

The treatment usually focuses on reshaping the ear cartilage and often on reducing the size of the auricle itself. The modelling of ear shape, ear size and ear distance takes place within one treatment appointment. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and predominantly under local anaesthesia in older school-aged children and adults.

Earplasties - Course of treatment - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich - Berlin Mitte

A short general anaesthetic can only be useful for very young children who find it difficult to remain still for a longer period of time. During the operation, the ear cartilage is modelled so that the ears fit and both the size and shape are harmonious. The necessary incisions are made behind the ears so that no scars are visible. Our surgeon will make sure that the ear symmetry is correct. Finally, the fine incisions are closed with a suture. The average duration of the procedure is 45 to 60 minutes.

Earplasties - After the procedure - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich - Berlin Mitte

After the procedure

After the operation, a protective head bandage is applied, which must be worn for about eight days. The bandage is changed about halfway through the healing process.

A headband can also be worn at night for about six weeks to support the healing process. The headband also protects the symmetry of the ears.

An initial check-up takes place one day after the operation. The stitches are removed after eight days. As with any operation, there can be side effects. The tissue may swell slightly and/or bleed.

Our experienced practice team will look after you or your child very closely. Sport may only be practiced again after three months. The complete healing takes about six months. After that, protruding or oversized ears are a thing of the past and you can enjoy your new appearance to the full.

We would be glad to inform you about the possibilities for an intervention with your child or for yourself. Our expertise is at your disposal.

An overview of the most important facts about ear correction:

Duration of operation: 1 hour
Anaesthesia: local anaesthesia, twilight sleep, general anaesthesia
Ability to work: after 5-7 days
Wound healing: 7-10 days
Costs: Health insurance or from 2.000,00 EUR (depending on findings)

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