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  • Gentle wisdom tooth removal
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    Wisdom tooth removal

Gentle wisdom tooth removal

The complete set of teeth of an adult consists of 32 teeth. Often, however, the jaw does not offer enough space for all the teeth. Sometimes the wisdom teeth even lie at an angle or across the jaw. If these teeth are left in the jaw, the pressure exerted can lead to tooth displacement and crowding. Especially after orthodontic treatment, the removal of the so-called 8s is therefore of particular importance in order not to endanger the achieved result. In addition, the teeth in front of the wisdom teeth can even be damaged to such an extent that they have to be removed at the same time. Early, gentle wisdom tooth removal ensures that such situations do not arise in the first place.

Occurring infections

Finally, so-called slippage infections of the mucosa occur frequently and can cause an acute abscess at any time. The longer the teeth are left in the jaw, the higher the risk of such complications and surgical removal can also become more difficult as the teeth grow.

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Early, gentle wisdom tooth removal

Therefore, the early removal of wisdom teeth often makes sense as a prophylactic measure. In a consultation, we clarify whether it is necessary to remove the wisdom teeth in your case. If the position of the teeth requires it, we have the possibility to make a special three-dimensional imaging directly in the practice in order to be able to carry out the intervention with maximum safety.

The surgical procedure is then carried out according to your wishes under local anaesthesia, i.v. sedation or general anaesthesia.

We will be happy to advise you in detail about this in our consultation.

Gentle wisdom tooth removal

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