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  • Surgical dental restoration
    Dental surgery
    Surgical dental restoration

Surgical dental restoration

Within the scope of the focus search or before planned indicated therapies such as irradiation in the head and neck area, implantation of heart valves or before the start of chemotherapy, surgical tooth decontamination is indispensable to eliminate inflamed teeth and thus prevent late complications. Severely damaged teeth, root remnants, partially retained teeth or teeth with inflammation at the root tip must be removed or rehabilitated prior to such therapy, as later treatments are often more risky or acute inflammation or wound healing problems may occur. Dental rehabilitation includes all potential risk sites including the treatment of inflamed tooth roots and gums.

During a focus search, we look for possible triggers of unclear complaints in the oral and maxillofacial region or elevated inflammatory parameters in the body, the origin of which may be a diseased tooth or an infection in the bone or soft tissue.

Surgical dental restoration 1
Surgical dental restoration 2

Our consulting offer

In a consultation appointment, we clarify with you which teeth must be removed for medical reasons or can be preserved with appropriate therapy. A therapy plan will be created that is individually adapted to your situation. Depending on the situation, treatment can be carried out in our practice or at your dentist’s office.

For remitters: We are also available to you as a referrer for collegial discussion on this topic.

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