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  • Facelift / Eyelid tightening / Wrinkle injection
    Skin surgery / eyelid tightening / wrinkle correction (Aesthetics & Reconstruction)

    Facial plastic surgery

Plastic surgery and Aesthetic facial surgery

Skin surgery | Eyelid lifting | Botox & Filler

Lipofilling - Wrinkle treatment - Berlin-Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Skin surgery

Removal of skin tumors

Surgical removal of skin tumours (skin cancer) with a lasting aesthetic claim.

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon specialising in plastic surgery, I offer the surgical removal of benign and malignant skin tumors. Especially in the aesthetically complex facial area it is absolutely necessary to be able to rely on a specialist and his experience.

Conspicuous changes in the area of the facial skin, which can often be caused by the sun’s rays (white skin cancer or basal cell carcinoma), should be removed and examined by a specialist. Close cooperation with colleagues from dermatology, ear, nose and throat medicine, ophthalmology and pathology is necessary here.

Upper eyelid tightening

Over the years, the upper eyelids can sag, sink and make us look older than we actually are. Drooping upper eyelids can become noticeable at an early age. The skin in the area of the upper eyelids loses its elasticity, which often leads to the formation of drooping eyelids and a tired facial expression with increasing age. But don’t worry – you don’t have to put up with it! An upper eyelid lift can solve the problem and your face will look younger and fresher again.

Aesthetic and plastic facial surgery - Upper eyelid tightening  - Berlin-Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

In the area of the eyes, upper eyelid lifting is one of the most frequently performed routine procedures. Nevertheless, you should only ever entrust yourself to an experienced specialist in an appropriately renowned clinic or specialist practice in Berlin Mitte. The operation usually takes less than an hour, is performed under local anesthetic and does not require in-patient treatment. If not only drooping eyelids but also tear sacs have formed, upper eyelid correction can be combined with lower eyelid lifting if required.

Aesthetic and plastic facial surgery -  Lower eyelid tightening - Berlin-Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Lower eyelid tightening

For beautiful eyes and beautiful looks

Whoever has beautiful eyes, usually also has a beautiful outlook. With beautiful eyes one is perceived as vital and alive. Beyond our linguistic possibilities, our face is also an important means of communication. How the world sees us and how we see the world also depends on our eyes. Everyone can read our emotional state from our eyes. Due to genetic influences, the aging process or acute stress, signs of stress can increase in the region around the eyes. The skin tension decreases. The lower eyelid skin slackens. It comes to bags under the eyes, rings around the eyes and hanging skin areas.

Such phenomena often represent a significant burden for those affected. They signal progressive ageing processes to our counterparts, often also exhaustion or even illness – even if we perceive ourselves subjectively as dynamic, efficient and healthy. Sooner or later, most people perceive these natural signs of aging as an optical flaw. In our practice in Berlin Mitte we offer you a lower eyelid lift. The optical correction of the eyelids gives you new freshness and vitality and  once again you  correspond to the image you have of yourself.

Botox & Filler

Wrinkle reduction and skin smoothing through the use of Botox (botulinum toxin) and filler (hyaluronic acid) for individual facial rejuvenation. Through the use of Botox, it is now possible to counteract the natural aging process and minimise the formation of wrinkles. Botox inactivates muscle parts that are responsible for wrinkle formation. Fillers refill areas and give the face back its volume during the aging process.

Often a combination of both methods is useful to achieve a more youthful appearance.

Botox & Filler - Berlin-Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

In our practice, only clinically-tested substances that can be completely degraded by the patient’s own body are used in order to avoid foreign body reactions that can occur with permanent fillers. We use products from Allergan©, Juvederm© as filler, Vistabel©, and Azzalure© according to their approval for medical use. All products are inserted under the skin with very fine cannulas, so the procedure is hardly painful. In very sensitive areas I offer the injection in combination with a local anaesthetic in order to guarantee a particularly gentle and effective treatment.

Facelift with own fat (Lipolift) - Berlin-Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Facelift with own fat (Lipolift)

With increasing age, a decrease in volume in the facial area and a slackening of the skin can be observed. In addition to the lack of volume, wrinkles and dents often appear on the facial surface. While decades ago a facelift was the only way to achieve a more youthful and fresh appearance, over time, methods have been developed to rejuvenate the aging face. Nowadays it is possible to restore the volume permanently by transplanting one’s own fat and lining facial areas, and to compensate for wrinkles and unevenness. Through the simultaneous transplantation of pluripotent stem cells in the fat tissue, even outdated structures are broken down and new connective tissue (collagen and elastic fibres) is produced.

The clear advantage: it is the body’s own highly biological tissue, the effect is persistent compared to hyaluronic acid, the pluripotent stem cells in the fatty tissue allow repair processes to be carried out in the “outdated” connective tissue and the skin appearance of the patients is significantly improved. The fat is removed from the inside of the thigh or lower abdomen using a particularly gentle technique. The fat tissue obtained is then processed and – via cannulas, similar to fillers and Botox – introduced into the areas where volume is lacking and wrinkles are to be compensated. The procedure is performed either under local anesthetic in combination with twilight sleep or general anesthesia. No inpatient hospital stay is necessary for this.


Many patients contact the plastic facial surgeon when they look in the mirror and their youthful personality does not match their mirror image, or their appearance. Some people then wish for a long-lasting rejuvenation. There are many factors that can influence aging in addition to the natural aging process, be it sun, diet, nicotine or alcohol. From the age of 35 the skin tension in the face and neck area decreases significantly.

While the formation of wrinkles and the reduction in volume can still be corrected by Botox and filler and influenced for a certain period of time, sagging parts of the face and neck can no longer be corrected by this method. A tightening of these facial areas can bring a clearly rejuvenated and lasting result.

Facelift - Berlin-Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Nowadays there are many different surgical techniques, but they all have one thing in common: The facial skin is separated from the underlying connective tissue layer (SMAS) and this is tightened by different techniques (SMAS, MACS, high- SMAS). Due to the complexity of the face with its aesthetic units, however, corrections in the area of the forehead, eyelids, neck or in combination with the patient’s own fat (see Lipolift) are often advisable. Every operation is preceded by an extensive facial analysis. Together with our patients we find the optimal solution. The aim of this operation is to achieve a natural individual “look” and to realise this with the technique most suitable for you.

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