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    Lower eyelid lift

Lower eyelid tightening

For beautiful eyes and beautiful looks

With beautiful eyes one is perceived as being vital and alive. Beyond our linguistic possibilities, our face is also an important means of communication. How the world sees us and how we see the world depends on our eyes. Everyone can read our emotional state from our eyes. Due to our genetics, the aging process, signs of stress can increase in the region around the eyes. The skin tension decreases, the lower eyelid skin slackens. Bags form under the eyes, and rings develop around the eyes and hanging skin areas.

Such phenomena often represent a significant burden for affected people. They signal progressive aging, exhaustion or illness – even if we see ourselves as dynamic, efficient and healthy. Sooner or later, most people perceive these natural signs of aging as an optical flaw. In our practice in Berlin-Mitte we offer you a lower eyelid lift. The optical correction of the eyelids gives you a freshness and vitality that aligns the image you have of yourself to the one you see in the mirror.

How do bags under the eyes develop?

Lower eyelid tightening Berlin Mite - How do bags under the eyes develop? Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

So-called bags under the eyes develop over years as a result of tissue slackening, and fat and water retention in the area below the eyes. Since the skin under the eyes is very thin and fragile, such fat and water deposits can lead to skin bulging and thus to the development of unwanted and unattractive bags under the eyes.

Similar to the skin, the muscles in the eye region can also lose their tension over time and thus intensify the described effects.

A tightening of the lower eyelid, however, is not just a question of age. Rather, genetics, occupational stress, frequent lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption and intensive UV radiation at any age can lead to bags under the eyes appearing. This does not exclude younger people. A vital and fresh appearance can increasingly be a requirement from a professional point of view. After all, it demonstrably raises self-esteem and communicates dynamism and willingness to perform.

What are the prerequisites for a lower eyelid lift?

A lower eyelid lift is an extremely low-risk surgical procedure. Most of our patients fulfil the requirements for this routine operation. We have compiled some points that should serve as an initial orientation for your decision. However, a reliable, final assessment of your individual starting position always requires a personal consultation and a physical examination by our specialist.

  • You qualify for the procedure if excess skin, unattractive edema or unsightly fat accumulations have settled in the area of the lower eyelids.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You should be in good physical condition.
  • You must not suffer from acute eye disease. This includes, for example, increased intraocular pressure or retinal detachment.
  • If, for example, you suffer from high blood pressure, circulatory problems or metabolic diseases such as diabetes, a detailed medical examination must be carried out before the operation.

How does a lower eyelid lift work?

A tightening of the lower eyelid (med. blepharoplasty) corrects optical signs of aging by removing superfluous skin and fat tissue, and by reorganising the muscles in the area of the lower eyelid.

Firstly, a detailed preliminary discussion and diagnosis is carried out in our specialist practice in Berlin Mitte. The anamnesis is an important prerequisite for the later course of the lower lid lift. This also includes the determination of possible reasons for exclusion.

During the procedure itself, we first mark an optimal cutting line. Then we remove the sagging skin areas and excess fatty tissue. In order to complement the lower eyelid lift in a sensible way, an upper eyelid lift can be performed at the same time in our specialist practice in Berlin. The combination of both procedures results in significantly more freshness and youthfulness around the entire eye area. After the skin tightening has been completed, the muscles of the lower eyelid are reconstructed and also tightened.

The incision lines required during the procedure are very fine thanks to state-of-the-art technology. At the end of the procedure, the wound is closed with a barely visible suture directly in the crease of the eyelid and the lower eyelids are stabilised to reduce swelling. The entire procedure takes about two hours. During this time you are in a twilight sleep. Inpatient admission is not necessary. After a few days, the stitches can already be removed.

How does a lower eyelid lift work? - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

What are the advantages of a lower eyelid lift?

The surgical lifting of the lower eyelid can permanently remove bags under the eyes, accumulations of fat or swelling on the lower eyelid or in the area of the eye socket. You benefit from the lasting effect of a lower eyelid lift for an average period of up to 25 years. During this period there is no need for further corrective measures. You will look younger, fresher and more vital for a long time. In addition, the fact that the operation hardly entails any operative risks speaks in favour of a tightening correction. Already one week after the operation you can participate in social life again. The fine incisions below the lash line are also barely visible after one week. What others will soon notice, however, is your rejuvenated and vital appearance. Your eyes have more radiance again. You look more self confident and relaxed and radiate joie de vivre.

Are there any risks with a lower eyelid lift?

Anyone who has this procedure performed in our Berlin practice will experience a low-risk operation.

In principle, every operation is associated with certain risks – ranging from the side effects of anaesthesia to possible wound healing disorders and haematomas. These are unproblematic and common consequences of the procedure. Our long-standing practice and surgery team reduces these risks to a minimum. This also includes the use of the latest surgical techniques and materials. After the operation, our practice team remains in close contact with you, monitors wound healing and provides tips and information on professional aftercare.

Can complications occur?

What is the surgeon’s experience in a lower eyelid lift?

Occasionally, inexperienced surgeons may experience drooping eyelids or runny eyes as a postoperative complication of a lower eyelid lift. This indicates that too much skin was removed during the procedure. The skin below the eyelid was tightened too much. This complication, which experienced surgeons know how to avoid, can be corrected by appropriate countermeasures or a second operation.

The risk of these and other complications can already be minimised decisively by choosing a doctor. Only a specialist clinic or practice has the medical know-how, the surgical skills and the routine to successfully perform a lower eyelid lift.

In our practice in Berlin Mitte we have been performing lower eyelid lifting for many years. We use only the most modern medical procedures and materials, and take into account the latest medical findings. We meet the highest quality standards and patient satisfaction is correspondingly high.

How can you support the healing process?

Our patients can do a lot to protect themselves from postoperative complications. Immediately after the operation, you must not carry out any strenuous activities. After the operation, we recommend that our patients protect the eye area for four weeks. Wearing sunglasses and avoiding mechanical irritation are suitable measures. The use of make-up is not permitted for a few weeks after the procedure. Exercise should be avoided for at least two weeks. If you take all this into account, the healing process should go smoothly.

Do scars occur during a lower eyelid lift?

The fine incisions are made immediately below the lash line when removing skin folds or bags under the eyes. This ensures that hardly any traces of this procedure can still be seen after just a few weeks. You can leave our practice immediately after the procedure. Experience has shown that most of our patients are socially acceptable again after only about a week and your fresh appearance will inspire your surroundings.

The costs of a lower eyelid lift

Due to individual circumstances and wishes, it is not possible to calculate a flat rate in advance. If you would like to have your lower eyelid tightened by us, we will inform you about your individual possibilities in a personal consultation. Of course, the question of costs will also be answered by a preliminary cost estimate after the diagnosis has been made. In most cases, the costs incurred for a lower eyelid lift will not be covered by the health insurance companies. Also a pro-rata assumption of costs by the health insurance companies is not to be expected as a rule. Nevertheless, we recommend that you clarify the cost issue with your health insurance company in a personal discussion before the procedure.

An overview of the most important facts about lower eyelid lifting:

Duration of operation: 1-2 hours
Anaesthesia: twilight sleep, general anaesthesia
Ability to work: after 5-7 days
Wound healing: 7-10 days
Costs: starting from 2.000,00 EUR (depending on findings)

Are you interested in a lower eyelid lift? You don’t need to live with unsightly bags under the eyes or sagging skin in the eye region. Arrange a non-binding appointment in my practice in Berlin Mitte to get advice from me. I look forward to welcoming you as a new patient.

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