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  • Chin Corrections
    An attractive chin from an expert hand

    Chin corrections

Chin corrections

An attractive chin by an expert hand

The shape of the chin significantly influences the contours of our face and thus also our aesthetics. A receding or strongly protruding chin can quickly cause the proportions of the face to appear inharmonious and can be a great strain for those affected.

A chin correction can help here. The purpose of chin correction is to give the face a harmonious overall appearance. Therefore the chin profile is adjusted by either enlargement or reduction.

Chin correction (medical genioplasty) involves surgical procedures to reduce or enlarge the size of the chin. The indications for this procedure, which is usually performed on an outpatient basis, include both purely aesthetic and medical reasons.

Possibilities of chin correction

A chin plastic surgery is an operative change of the chin area: A receding chin is shifted forward, a protruding chin is reduced in size. In our practice it is possible to combine this chin displacement with a false bite correction (dysgnathia treatment). Often, however, it is not a simultaneous malocclusion correction, but a purely aesthetic problem. Many sufferers are dissatisfied with their chin which is too large or too small and would like to see their chin shape optimised.

Chin corrections are carried out on an outpatient basis and under general anaesthesia. We preferably to work via the oral vestibule, the space between the teeth and the lower lip. In this way, we avoid external incisions that lead to visible scars.

All procedures are visualised in advance and the expected result is discussed with the patient. In all cases a 3D image (DVT) is made in advance in order to accurately represent the bony structures of the lower jaw.

Enlargement of the chin (chin advancement)

With the receding chin, the lower jaw is shifted back. This leads to an overbite in the area of the incisors and in many cases to a difficult closure of the mouth. Especially in the profile, the misalignment becomes clear by a concise advanced mouth-nose-area.

Enlargement of the chin (chin advancement)

Reduction of the chin (backward displacement of the chin)

he protruding chin is characterised by a particularly pronounced chin. In profile it pushes the forehead and nose through its dominant position into the background and often ensures a somewhat unwelcome appearance.

Reduction of the chin (backward displacement of the chin)

A strongly protruding lower jaw bone can be surgically reduced using various methods.

  • Chin reduction by grinding off the jawbone
    Through an incision in the oral cavity, in the area of the lower lip, the specialist for oral and maxillofacial surgery removes the excess bone with the help of a bone cutter and thus shapes the desired chin shape. The advantage of this surgical method is that there are no visible scars. Alternatively, the operation can be performed via an external incision underneath the chin. This method produces a discreet scar, which is hardly visible due to its position below the chin.
  • Chin reduction by moving the jaw
    With this method of jaw reduction, a wedge-shaped piece of bone is first removed from the lower jaw bone. The mandible is then repositioned and screwed to a titanium bar.

For the enlargement of a too small, receding chin, there are also different treatment methods.

  • Chin enlargement by shifting the jaw

    The procedure is performed through an incision in the oral cavity.
    In the case of chin advancement, the lower jaw is first severed, then moved to the desired position and then screwed together with a titanium bar. There are no visible scars.

  • Chin wing osteotomy after A. Triaca
    With chin wing osteotomy, it is possible to change the lower third of the face in a three-dimensional, stable and long-lasting way without having to introduce foreign materials. The jaw angle, the lower jaw that is too long (hyperdivergent lower jaw), but also all forms of lower jaw asymmetry can be changed.
  • Chin enlargement due to own or foreign bone
    Another method of advancing the chin is to use a chin implant. The implant can be made of the body’s own bone substance or of a synthetic material such as silicone. With this method, the incision can be made again in the oral cavity or below the chin.

False bite correction combined with chin correction

If the lower jaw is shifted forward in a dysgnathia correction, a chin correction may also be necessary in order to maintain the aesthetic facial expression and the concise angle between the neck and lower jaw. In this case, the chin is also pushed forward.

The same applies to a malocclusion treatment in which the lower jaw is moved backwards. Also in these cases a chin correction may be necessary at the same time. If the lower jaw is repositioned, the surgeon shortens the chin until the desired proportions are reached.

Narrowing of the face

In some cases, a chin correction will also model the face to give it a narrower appearance. In these patients, the cheek bones and the lower jaw bone are made narrower. In addition, the fat on the cheeks is surgically removed so that the cheeks look slimmer overall.

False bite correction combined with chin correction

After the procedure

Your individual, outpatient aftercare is part of our treatment concept. After the operation, we provide you with close-meshed care and suitable follow-up measures. After ten days we remove the stitches.

The titanium plates are removed after a few months. During the first few days, only soft meals and broth should be eaten. It is also advisable to drink only tea and water. Please also pay attention to very good oral hygiene. In the weeks following the procedure, you should avoid physical exertion and avoid nicotine.

The most important facts about chin correction at a glance:

Duration of operation: 1-2 hours
Anaesthesia: local anaesthesia, twilight sleep, general anaesthesia
Ability to work: after 3-7 days
Wound healing: 10-21 days
Costs: from 3.500,00 EUR

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