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  • Dysgnathia - Virtual treatment procedure

    virtual treatment procedure

Dysgnathia – virtual treatment procedure

Computer-supported, virtual treatment planning

Over the years, we have cared for numerous patients in our practice and successfully treated them surgically on the upper and lower jaws.
Thanks to the most modern surgical methods and intensive and computer-assisted planning and execution of operations, dysgnathia treatment in our clinic is a safe and gentle procedure and is also recommended for patients at an advanced age. You will be able to open your mouth again shortly after the operation. The intake of soft food and dental care are also possible without any problems.

Dysgnathia - Virtual treatment procedure - Computer-aided, virtual treatment planning - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Extensive education before the operation

  • Before the operation, we will inform you in detail about planning, treatment procedure and aftercare.
  • If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them and discuss your questions with you in detail.
  • You will also gain insight into the various surgical techniques and get an idea of the expected results of the treatment.
  • In addition, we prepare you intensively for your operation with the help of descriptive case studies.

Visualization of the planned corrections already before the intervention

Operations for the treatment of jaw malpositions are supported by the latest 3D technologies and imaging techniques at all stages, from planning to intervention. In this way, the planned corrections can be visualized very well even before the intervention.

Planning the new jaw position with virtual plaster models

By means of a computer-based, virtual simulation, we are able to produce virtual plaster models of both jaws using gentle 3D X-ray technology (DVT) and to plan and determine the new jaw position precisely. The produced models are integrated into the planning software. Thus we are able to simulate the movement of the jaws in relation to each other and to determine and register the exact target position of the jaws by means of temporomandibular joint analysis.

Bite templates guarantee the exact position of the jaw during the procedure

In a further step, we then use a 3D printing process to produce bite templates, so-called splints, which are used during the operation. During the operation, the bite templates guarantee the exact position of the jaw during the procedure and ensure that the jaw joint is always in the previously registered target position. This ensures that optimal results are achieved both functionally and aesthetically.

Dysgnathie – Virtueller Behandlungsablauf

Dysgnathia – virtual treatment procedure

Surgery planning with the Romexis® CMF Surgery Module

An important component of a perfect and all-encompassing orthognathic treatment planning is a powerful software. For virtual simulation, we use Planmeca Romexis® software with the CMF Surgery module in our practice. Based on the examination data, the program creates accurate 3D models of your jaw, which allows us to make complete treatment planning. Not only is it possible for us to perfectly reconstruct and evaluate your case, but the module also allows us to generate cutting templates for various common surgical techniques and perform dynamic measurements. After assessing and successfully planning the course of treatment and determining the desired occlusion (interlocking of upper and lower teeth) and jaw position, we use the program to create suitable temporary and final splints for our patients, which are made using state-of-the-art 3-D printing technology.

Dysgnathia - Virtual treatment procedure - Planmeca Romexis Autocut 3D View - Berlin Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Dysgnathia - Virtual treatment procedure - Planmeca Romexis Surgery Movement Overview - Berlin Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Dysgnathia - Virtual treatment procedure - Planmeca Romexis Surgery Intermediate and Final Splints - Berlin Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

Dysgnathia - Virtual treatment procedure - Planmeca Pro Model Service - Berlin Mitte Dr. med. Sven Heinrich

With the software we are able to generate individual simulations that take into account all the particularities of your specific case. The observation of the jaw models in 3-D optics, from different perspectives and incision planes allows an excellent preparation of the operation, which leads to a shortening of the operation duration, which in turn promotes a faster recovery after the operation. Possible complications and risks can already be identified and estimated during virtual simulation and treatment planning. If necessary, the surgical procedure is modified accordingly. The computer simulations also allow us to give you a precise idea of the jaw correction and treatment plan, which means you are optimally prepared.

Operationsplanung mit dem Romexis

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