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    Maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgery

Dental Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery means all operative measures in the area of the teeth, for example the surgical removal of wisdom teeth or the preservation of teeth through surgical treatment. The maxillofacial surgeon should be consulted if the operation is considered difficult or involves special individual risks.

This also includes risks that are caused by certain diseases, such as cardiovascular or metabolic diseases, and may jeopardise a safe course of surgery and healing under certain conditions. The double study of dentistry and medicine enables the oral and maxillofacial surgeon to deal with them properly and avoid unnecessary complications.

Wisdom teeth and displaced teeth - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich Berlin Mitte

Wisdom teeth and displaced teeth

Not only problematic wisdom teeth but also other displaced teeth can be surgically removed. However, it is important that adjacent structures such as nerves are not injured. In rare cases, a digital volume tomography (DVT) must be performed to determine the exact position of the teeth and thus not to injure any neighboring structures.

Surgical dental restoration - Practice Dr. Sven Heinrich - Berlin Mitte

Surgical dental restoration

In the context of the focus search (inflamed teeth) or before planned indicated therapies such as radiation in the head and neck area, with implantation of heart valves or beginning of chemotherapy, surgical tooth restoration is indispensable to eliminate inflamed teeth and thus prevent late complications. I will be happy to discuss this topic with you by telephone.

Apicoectomy - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich Berlin Mitte


Inflammatory processes in the area of the root tips (granuloma, cyst) must sometimes be removed to save the tooth. The root tip is cut and the tooth root is filled retrograde (backwards). The special and particularly gentle preparation of the lower part of the root canal by means of ultrasound (piezo) and subsequent root filling can achieve a long-lasting result in the majority of cases. If inflammatory processes continue, the root tip resection can be repeated or the tooth must be removed and replaced if necessary. More information can be found under Implantology.

Anaesthesia - Maxillofacial Surgery  - Dental Surgery  - Dr. med. Sven Heinrich Berlin Mitte


All procedures are performed either under local anesthesia, twilight sleep or general anesthesia.

Would you like a personal consultation? Our practice team is at your disposal for a detailed discussion of your request.

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